Our Impact

Through Terrain.org, events, collaborations with presses and community organizations, and other initiatives, Terrain Publishing has a broad reach and positive impact.



In 2022, Terrain.org had 490,156 page views, 325,503 sessions, and 257,563 visitors.


In 2022, Terrain.org published 201 contributions by 134 women and 82 men.


In 2022, Terrain Publishing reached nearly 2,500 people at online and in-person events.


In 2022, Terrain.org reached nearly 60,000 people on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

We publish literature, art, commentary, and community case studies that provide new insight and inspiration.

We bring together communities through in-person and virtual events.

We partner with environmental and community organizations to expand the conversation around place, climate, and justice.

We provide an accessible venue for those long-established as well as those long-marginalized to share powerful literature, art, design, and stories that make a real difference in our ongoing pursuit of environmental, climate, and social justice—in the United States and around the world.

View our impact first-hand: